Artist in Residency 2019

Just off of this residency, and I must say, it was a dream come true, to have time in this landscape that I visit so often, to begin to get inside things as a painter and a naturalist. 

Top is a start of a painting of the Painted Desert to the east

Left, a started painting of the desert and the convoluted route of Deadman's Wash on its way to the Little C!  This wash, which begins near Kendrick Mountain and drains the north side of the San Francisco Peaks, has utterly captured my imagination! 

Below, See part of its route through basalt.

Bottom, river cobble scatter on slopes between the Little C and Wupatki Visitors Center...miles above the Little C, suggesting BIG water in the region at some point, possibly the end of the Pleistocene!

I will be showing Wupatki paintings on 7 December, Saturday, 10-5, Late for the Train/Ft Valley!  Please stop by. 

I will also be talking about the natural history of the Wupatki Basin at the Pioneer Museum, 20 March, 2020, Friday, 7pm