WaringArts offers a variety of services and products. 




2019 Art35N Studio Tour and Art Show at the Center for the Arts!  The show launched in June and will be up most of the summer.  The studio tour occurs over the weekend of 20-21 July.  Please stop by.  Brochures/maps available at the Center for the Arts and at Visible Difference on South Beaver St.  It's going to be a great show! 

2019 Wupatki paintings at Late for the Train/Fort Valley through this winter.  I will be having a winter show there tomorrow, 7 December, between 10 and 5.  Please stop by to see my work.   I also have paintings at at Late for the Train Downtown! 


2020 Wupatki Basin Natural History presentation, Pioneer Museum, Flagstaff AZ.  I approached my Wupatki artist-in residence experience as an artist and a naturalist.  It was so exciting to learn more about this wonderful place.  20 March, 2020, Friday, 7pm.  I also have a Nature Notes in the works.  It was incredible to spend nearly two weeks in this open, quiet, beautiful place.

2020 Art classes/plein air...  I will be having 4 art classes in summer, 2020, in different locations around Flag.  I will teach in pastels, as they represent such a wonderful, unique, and at the end of the day, forgiving medium.  These are typically a long afternoon, capturing late day light especially.  Contact me if interested: gwenwaring@hotmail.com 

Cards, paintings and my Peaks book are also available at Zani's Gifts on Phoenix St. in Flagstaff

Greeting Cards & Post cards galore.  I offer more than 20 images on cards.  Image availability upon request. Please view Cards and Post Cards pages.  Cards and paintings are also available at Zani's Gifts on Phoenix St. in Flagstaff.

Various-sized prints of most images found on the site.  Matting and framing available.  Bookmarks with native plants are also available.



I produce a column called Nature Notes for the local paper, The Arizona Daily Sun about each month.  In it I describe some of the natural history of our area. 

A Natural History of the Intermountain West: Its Ecological and Evolutionary Story. Gwendolyn Waring, 2011, University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.  My book on the evolution and ecology of our regional ecosystems was released in Spring 2011.  See it at SanFranciscoPeaksNaturalHistory.com.  or https://uofupress.lib.utah.edu/a-natural-history-of-the-intermountain-west/

The Natural History of the San Francisco Peaks.  Update.  DONE, DONE AND DONE!!!!! This effort is to honor this mountain's existence as the most prominent sky island in the southwestern United States.  It is a remarkable story.  a link to learn more about the Peaks book and purchase it is:


Natural history of the Peaks in a powerpoint lecture tailored for school children.  I am wrapping up the production of a powerpoint presentation on the Peaks story for all of the school kids of northern Arizona!  This project was sponsored by Coconino County.  Stay tuned. 


Natural History of the Wupatki Basin, Pioneer Museum lecture, 20 March, 2020, Friday, 7pm.  I approached my artist-in-residence program as a naturalist as well as an artist, and look forward to sharing what I learned about this beautiful landscape.


With my knowledge of native plants and how they behave in the garden, I design perennial gardens and landscapes that are beautiful, water conserving, low-maintenance, and provide a great connection with the natural world around us.     

I also walk people's property with them, showing them what to get rid of, as in nonnative stuff and even highly invasive native species, and how to take care of the rest.  Fun times...