WaringArts Paintings 

Most of my paintings are place-based, based on places that I know.  I love to paint the forest I live in, yet also crave the open spaces of nearby meadows and the cold desert.

Pines and shadows, oils on canvas, 20x30", $1200, sold

Peaks from the East, 16 x 40", sold

Government Prairie with pine tree, 24 x 36", sold

Painted Desert with Maynard Dixon sky, 8 x 10", $175,  sold

Wupatki grasslands, 12x24", $350, sold

Pink land and clouds, 8 x 10", $165, sold

San Juan River lower end, 20 x 20", sold

Pink land, 12 x 24", $415 gift

Canyon in blue, 12 x 24", sold

Monument Valley rocks, 12 x 12" (sidebar), sold